Why Yearly Garage Door Maintenance is Important

garage door maintenance

Garage doors are some of the most used devices in our homes. They also deal with high amounts of wear and tear because of this. It is very important to keep up on your garage door maintenance.

Doing so will make your life easier in the long run and by scheduling inspections yearly, your garage door will open and close for years to come.

Read on for some more information on the maintenance practices you should be doing.

Check Your Garage Door’s Performance

To keep up on proper garage door maintenance it is important to conduct routine performance checks.

Before testing any of your door’s equipment, make sure you power it off and if it is electric, unplug it. Then, once you’ve taken the proper precautions, attempt to lift it one handed.

Your door should raise and lower easily if it is lubricated properly. Doors should not open too quickly either. If a door is literally flying off its racks, this could be a sign of a damaged spring.

A well-balanced door is a good sign of proper performance. Once you’ve checked for the resting tension on your door, plug it back into its motor and move onto the next step.

Keep an Eye on How the Door Opens

Modern garage doors have many safety features that are meant to keep you, your family and your vehicles safe.

When testing your garage door opener, make sure its emergency reverse is operating properly. This feature allows the door to automatically reverse when its sensors pick up anything that may impede the door. This could be your car, a pet, or maybe a precious toy or even a child.

If this feature is malfunctioning it is very important to get it repaired ASAP.

While testing the emergency reverse, make sure you test the sensors as well. Photoelectric eyes are the sensors that pick up if anything is in the way of your garage door. These must be repaired by professional repairmen.

While performing your routine garage door maintenance, make sure you inspect all cords and and extension cords. Frayed and damaged cords could pose as a potential fire risk.

Also, make sure to test the emergency release handle. These handles or cords should be easily pulled, and if properly functioning, the door will release immediately from the holder.

Checking extension springs is also an important maintenance check.

Never adjust the tension on springs yourself. These are extremely dangerous parts on your garage door and should only be replaced by professionals.

The Final Checks

Before leaving your garage door, make sure you go over the nuts and bolts holding it together. Tightening them down will go great lengths to strengthening your door. Inspect the lower rim of the door, making sure the wood and metal it’s made up of is intact.

Replacing broken pieces of your door will improve its lifespan. Sometimes the weather seal at the bottom of your door will need to be replaced. This should be part of every yearly inspection.

Be sure to lubricate the chain or screw of your door as well. A smoothly operating door should lower and raise easily with no strain.

Schedule Inspections to Keep Up Garage Door Maintenance

Another important aspect of garage door maintenance is scheduling inspections with a professional company.

Our professionals will replace broken springs or install proper safety features for you.

Contact us today to schedule a maintenance appointment.

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