Garage Door Springs Danger: Why You Should Never Replace Them Yourself

garage door springs danger

There are some DIY maintenance projects that should never be on your to-do list. Ever. If you are not an electrician, you probably won’t move a breaker box.

If you are not a plumber, you probably won’t replace all of your pipes. And, if you are not a garage door professional, replacing the springs is never recommended.

Not only because it can quickly become a mess, but because you, your home, and your car can suffer damage. Garage door springs danger is well documented, causing thousands of injuries every year.

Unleashed Spring Tension

Garage door springs should last 5-7 years. They wind and unwind to lift and lower the garage door. And, the tension needed to do this stores within the spring. As it wears from use, it can break.

When it breaks, the high tension is unleashed. And whatever might be in the way as it comes loose will get hit. Busted springs can cause broken limbs, dented cars, and large holes in drywall.

Different Models, Different Problems

You may not know how old your garage door springs are. And, if you have an older model, the newest of safety features may not be present.

Newer models are made to hold the spring in place even if it breaks. Unless you know what type of model you have, you are taking the risk of the spring coming loose, causing more damage.

If you do have an older model, it is most likely time to install a newer one with safety features, so no one gets hurt.

Heavy Weight and Gravity

Most garage doors weigh between 200 and 500 pounds. If the door crashes down, it is unforgiving to whatever is in the way. Whether it is tools or your foot, the garage door will win.

Even worse, a garage door can disconnect completely. The door will wobble and land wherever gravity takes it. Garage doors have crumpled cars, boats, and people in a matter of seconds.

Wrong Spring for the Job

Not all springs are equal. Measuring the length of a spring is not enough information. Even garage door experts must calculate weight and width to find the right spring for the job.

Installing the wrong spring can cause more damage if it doesn’t have the power to lift the door. And, that heavy door, unhinged, is havoc.

If damages are beyond repair, the money saved in your DIY garage door spring repair will go toward a new door and opener.

Wrong Tools for the Job

Any DIY expert knows there are certain tools for certain jobs. Buying tools for a single job, like garage door spring repair, can be costly.

Saving money through purchasing a tool that will work “good enough” invites even more trouble. A spring or cable fastened incorrectly may work, but not for long.

In the end, it can cause further damage, injuries, and expensive replacements.

Don’t Ignore Garage Door Springs Danger

Garage door spring repair danger increases with each year of use. Do not ignore the possibility, especially if you have children and pets. Let the experts handle your safety. Contact us for a free estimate.

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