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Garage Door Spring Repair:

Do You Know Which Springs to Use?

Which springs are okay – and safe – to use?

If you’ve never done this job before, you’re not going to know which length is correct. Or the right diameter to use. Or the material.

In fact, until we’ve had a proper look at the door, checked its weight and fully assessed your garage, we might not know off the cuff either.

But it’s this ability to use our tools, measurements, our expertise and experience in making an informed decision that sets the pros apart.

The wrong springs might not be strong enough to hold the door up properly. Or they may wear down too fast and snap, resulting in injury or damage to your property down the line.

We don’t want anyone to get hurt, so we always take the time to choose the perfect springs for your door.

It’s Probably Cheaper Than You Think!

Often, calling professionals costs you dearly. So we do understand why people choose to try a DIY approach, though we think they’re mistaken.

But for those with the right level of skill, replacing garage door springs is not a lengthy procedure. We’ve been doing this for years, meaning that we’ve become quite fast at fixing this type of problem.

But instead of charging you an excessive amount for the benefit of our expertise, we simply work faster and take on more jobs.

Contact us for a quote, and we’ll beat any competitors’ prices – guaranteed. If you’re in any doubt, feel free to check out the reviews which our customers leave us. We’re very proud of our happy clients.

Plus, we operate a 24-hour service for when you just need those garage door springs fixed ASAP. Don’t wait ’til things get worse – we’ll sort you out as soon as we can. 


Garage Door Opener Repair:

Door Makes Creaking or Other Noises

One of the most obvious signs of damage is the “squeaky wheel.” Anytime a piece of equipment is making a noise that it shouldn’t, it’s time to get it checked by a professional.

Even if your garage door has always made a noise, but it’s getting louder, it may be time for a garage door opener replacement.

Older Model of Garage Door Opener

If you’ve had your garage door opener for a number of years, it may be time to look for a replacement, even if you’re not experiencing any issues with it.

New garage doors offer a number of new features that your older model may not have.

Safety Reversal

Since 1993, all garage door openers are equipped with photo safety eyes, which as mentioned above, prevent a door from closing if they sense that there is something in the way like a child or a pet.

Quieter Systems

Older garage door openers work on a chain drive, similar to a bike chain. Newer models work on a screw or belt drive that are far quieter than the older chain models.

Better Security

The remote controls for older garage door openers work with a fixed code. A thief with a special device used to be able to sit outside your house and figure it out. Newer models have a “rolling code” features, which means the code changes every time you use the remote.

Contact Us for Garage Door Opener Replacement

If you’re considering replacing your garage door opener, call us! We’re the #1 garage door repair in Utah, as well as professional garage door replacement services serving our customers throughout the whole Salt Lake Valley! 


Garage Door Installation:

1. How Was The Door Damaged?

It’s a fact of life that as items age, especially those exposed to weather, they will incur some dents, scratches, and cracks. Some of these cosmetic issues can be treated with some filler, paint, or a new strut. More complicated issues like springs should be dealt with by a professional.

Things might be a little direr if a tree in your yard fell on the door during a storm. Parts essential to the function of the mechanism may have been damaged and continually opening and closing could make the situation worse.

The same could be true if your kid smashed into the door while you were teaching them how to drive. 

If you’re having difficulty opening or closing your door, you may need to replace the entire door. Often a door will open smoothly but will have trouble closing.

2. How Much Is Your Budget?

Garage door replacement panels are some of the most expensive repairs that can be done on a garage door. Panels can run anywhere from $250 to $700 each. You’ll also be paying for a service person’s hourly rate.

Meanwhile, you could end up getting a full door replacement for about $1000. 

One of the deciding factors could be your current door’s warranty. Call a few different places to compare prices before you settle.

Garage Door Replacement Panels Can Make Your Home Look New

If the only major blemish on your home is one damaged garage door panel, you should replace it. Fixing it will bring back that pride you’ve always had in your home and make you the spiffiest house on the block.

If you’re ready to install replacement panels or a garage door, contact us to get your project started today.