When To Call a Professional for Overheard Garage Door Repair

overhead garage door

Is your garage broken or do you think it’s about to give up on you?

If you think you do, you might consider looking up DIY guides to fix it on your own. This is not the right way to deal with the situation. Sometimes, DIY repairs aren’t for everyone, especially if the repairs are too advanced.

Hiring the professionals is the better option to handle this task.

If you’re not sure, here are a few reasons to hire experts when it comes to repairing an overhead garage door:

Danger Risks

The main reason you want to hire professionals is the risk.

Repairing an overhead garage door is dangerous. There are a lot of moving parts and most of the equipment is heavy and sharp. If anything were to drop on you, it could lead to serious injuries and even prove fatal.

As a matter of fact, injuries related to garage doors add up to 10,580 incidents per year.

One of the springs could break. The door itself could come loose and fall on your head. Professional repairmen know how to prevent such accidents from happening and they use the proper protective gear too.

If something goes wrong, they’ll also have insurance to make sure you don’t have to pay medical bills. If you do the repairs, following only a DIY guide, you might get injured and end up paying thousands at the hospital.

Lack of Experience

Are you certified to work on overhead garage door repairs? Do you have any formal training and experience to get the job done right?

If not, stop looking for a DIY guide and call the experts.

Not only do they get regular training to stay updated on all the repair methods and brands of garage doors, they also get official certification to prove their expertise. Their business carries a license that informs people they know what they’re doing.

Ordering Overhead Garage Door Parts

You might think that because 63% of American homes built with a garage or carport, getting parts would be easy.

That’s not the case.

Some parts are difficult to find and order, even in today’s online community. Scouring high and low online would only get you second-hand parts that could break at any given moment.

Professionals, on the other hand, know the right suppliers. They can order parts specific to the brand of your overhead garage door. They can even get a hold of custom parts in case your garage door needs special work on it.

Preventive Repairs

Repairing the garage door is only the beginning.

The next part is making sure you don’t have to do those repairs a second time. Professionals know how to install new parts and work on the older ones to ensure your garage door doesn’t break down again.

You’ll enjoy multiple benefits from this level of preventive repair work:

  • Fewer expenses in the future
  • Fewer major repairs
  • Garage door remains in top shape longer

They’ll also teach you how to maintain your garage door, showing you the ins and outs of keeping it in good shape. Professionals will also tell you what signs to look for to know when you should call them back for a major repair.

Hire a Professional Today

Don’t hesitate to call the experts today!

If your garage door is about to break or if it’s already malfunctioning, pick up the phone and call the professionals. Don’t rely on DIY methods because it’ll only lead to accidents and more expensive repairs.

Think it’s time to get that garage door fixed? Call us now and get a free estimate!

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