Why is Your Garage Door Sticking in the Winter?

garage door sticking

Did you know that in America, the average garage door opens about 1,500 times a year

We may not realize how often we open and close our garage door until it doesn’t open or close. 

A garage door sticking in the cold weather isn’t normal, and it’s a problem that needs to be looked at. Here’s what causes it and what to do. 

The Path is Blocked

This may be one of the most obvious issues but also one of the easiest fixes. 

If there is too much snow or ice in the path of the garage door to open, then your garage door will probably be stuck.

To remedy this problem, just make it a habit to always shovel away the snow and ice that would be in the way of your garage door. It’s best to do this in the morning right after most of the snow may have fallen. 

The Metal Contracts

In cold weather, the metal of your garage door and the pulley system will contract, which will affect its performance. When the metal gets tighter, it makes it more difficult for the garage door to open and close.

If you do routine maintenance on your garage and make sure that it’s lubricated enough, then your garage door may not have this problem as often.  

If a sudden cold comes in, then the contraction will happen faster which may actually damage your door track and cause it to bend. This may need repairs later on. 

Ice in the Door Panels

When it’s cold out, ice can get in the door panels which could be causing your garage door sticking problems. 

When the water gets in there, it can freeze the panels together which will make it lock up and not be able to open or close. 

You will most likely be able to see the ice, so just take a hair dryer and melt the ice. Be careful though, because you don’t want to damage the metal in your garage door panels.  

The Remote Sensor

The remote sensor may be another issue that is causing your garage door to stick in the winter. 

Sometimes the cold weather can actually damage the sensor and crack it. Make sure that the remote is still working before you jump to this conclusion. 

If you have tried everything else and think that this may be the issue, this would be the time where you have to call in a garage door repairman. They have the knowledge and skills to be able to fix it, and you will avoid further damaging your own garage. 

If this is the problem, they can help you repair the sensor or even have it replaced.  

Stop Your Garage Door Sticking Today

Waking up to find out that your garage door is sticking and won’t open or close can be a difficult problem to fix.

However, there are companies out there to help you fix it and get your car out of that garage.

If you need help unsticking your garage door, give us a call. 

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