Spring Has Sprung: The Top Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Spring

garage door maintenance

Spring is here! If you want your garage door to function well until next spring, it’s time for some garage door maintenance.

If you neglect your garage door when it’s time for maintenance, you might find it stuck when you least expect it! So, make some time in your spring cleaning schedule and read on to learn the best garage door maintenance tips for this spring!

Clean the Door Tracks

The first thing you should do is make sure the garage door tracks are clean. The tracks should be free of debris, since every obstruction creates friction that can damage the tracks in time.

Moreover, you should not rely on lubricating the tracks instead of cleaning them. Too much lubrication in exposed surfaces will cause dirt and debris to stick on it, which will have the opposite effect!

Lubricate Moving Parts

While you should not lubricate the tracks, you should make sure all other moving parts, especially those facing inwards, are well lubricated.

Lubrication will keep your door going for the entire year, and it will also make sure our door doesn’t screech every time it moves. It is best to invest in a silicone spray and avoid WD-40 and other oil-based lubricants for your garage door.

Align the Sensors

Your garage door sensors are supposed to be fixed in place. However, as time goes by the door itself might nudge the sensors out of place. This could eventually cause the sensors to misalign and your door to stop functioning even though there is no mechanical issue.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, check the position of your sensors and move them back in place if they have been nudged away. Since this is delicate work, you might want the help of a garage door expert.

Replace your Door’s Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping will keep your garage safe and your house energy efficient.

In a single year, the elements might cause your weatherstripping to harden, become brittle, and eventually break away. When this happens, your garage is no longer properly insulated. Thankfully, replacing your weatherstripping is easy enough to do. Alternatively, you may want to hire a specialist to replace your garage door’s weatherstripping.

Balance Your Door and Replace the Springs

If your door springs go bad, your door will become stuck and you’ll probably need specialist help to repair them. In order to avoid that, it’s best to replace springs before they are weakened.

To keep your springs longer, you should also test the balance of your door. A door that’s not properly balanced will put more strain on the springs, shortening their lifespan.

To make sure your garage door is balanced, let it hang halfway down. If the door doesn’t stay balanced in that position, then it needs balancing.

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