Summertime and the Living is Easy: The Top Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Summer

garage door maintenance

When the weather heats up, you’re more likely to start using your garage much more often than during the chilly months of winter.

Summer is the perfect time of year to do a little garage door maintenance so your investment works well throughout the year.

Even if you don’t know where to start, read on for a few easy tips that’ll ensure your garage door is running smoothly through any season.

Add Some Lubrication

Your garage door system is a series of moving parts, so it’s no surprise that it can undergo some serious wear and tear. Without proper lubrication, these parts can rust and rub against each other, potentially causing serious damage.

Apply a special lubricant specifically made for garage doors, and avoid using oils like WD-40. Use just enough lubricant to coat the parts. Too much will just attract additional dust and dirt.

If you need to apply lubricant to any weatherstripping, choose one that contains silicone. 

Perform a Visual Inspection

Summer is a great time really do a thorough inspection of your garage door and look for any damage. Dents and dings can affect the overall operation of the door.

Take a close look and make sure that all parts are intact and that the door looks good from the outside. Even if it’s a few scratches, damage to your garage door can really affect your curb appeal.

Consider applying a fresh coat of paint to the outside of the door if it looks worn down. Don’t forget to check components like ball bearings, tracks, and springs which are essential to good garage door maintenance.

Insulation is Key to Good Garage Door Maintenance

You probably only think about insulation during the winter time, but it’s also important to check it during the summer. If your weatherstripping has worn out or come loose, it can cost you when it comes to your energy bill.

Poor garage door insulation can cause hot air to get into your garage. This will increase the overall temperature of not only your garage but your home, too. 

Check the door’s insulation and replace it as needed. You’ll be able to seal cool air inside and keep the hot air out. The end benefit is that your garage is properly sealed and your home is better protected from loss of air.

Good insulation also protects the items you store in your garage.

A Healthy Garage Door is a Happy Garage

This summer, try these easy garage door maintenance tips and you’ll feel better about using it all season long. With just a few checks and some diligence, your garage door will serve you well throughout the year.

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