Garage Door Rollers: Top Maintenance Tips

garage door rollers

Have you ever noticed that really annoying squeaking sound your garage door makes? Are you struggling to open and close it?

These are the tell-tale signs that its time to take a closer look at your garage door rollers. These parts can easily get damaged and cause a lot of trouble.

Early intervention can save you money in the long run. Plus, ongoing maintenance is a must. If you wait for too long, you might end paying for costly repairs.

We’ve put together a few tips to help keep your garage door working. Let’s get into it!

Check the Garage Door Rollers Twice a Year

Experts recommend checking your door rollers twice a year, in the spring and fall.

Make sure the rollers are clean and free of any debris. Otherwise, the dirt will build up inside, so they’ll get stuck.

While doing your bi-annual checkup, see if the rollers are aligned and on their pre-determined track.

If you notice a squeaky sound, give the garage door rollers a spritz of WD-40. This will help reduce any unnecessary tension and resistance.

In case you find a lot of dirt and buildup, brake cleaner can help.

Replace Damaged Parts

Your garage is probably one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment in your house. For this reason, it’s important that you replace any broken hinges or brackets.

Leaving the garage door rollers in a broken state can lead to more extensive and expensive repairs later down the road.

Non-Lithium Life

Put a drop or two of non-lithium grease on the rollers. This will ensure a smoother and easier use of your garage door.

Call in the Pros

If you’ve checked the door rollers but didn’t feel comfortable fixing them, call an expert. He will check for any signs of damage and make custom recommendations.

There’s a whole industry of garage door experts who know the best way to fix garages and are eager to help you.

This might be a more expensive route to fix your garage door but it could prevent injuries and frustrations.

Before you fully commit to hiring a pro, scout out local garage repair shops. See if any of them offer free estimates.

Is Maintenance Really Necessary?

The goal of any preventative maintenance is to maintain the longevity of the machine. Your garage is no different.

Keeping the parts well lubricated and working properly is essential to providing you and your family with a reliable garage door. You don’t want to be the family that the neighbors hear from a mile away due to the loud screech your garage door belts out when it opens.

Put a reminder on your phone for a day in March and October to remind you to check the garage door rollers. Even though you may not think about these parts too often, regular maintenance is crucial.

So, what are you waiting for? Call a garage door pro today to fix any issues you may have!

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